Ms Molly Kavanagh BMedSci (Hons)

Molly is a founding trustee and Co-CEO of The Phoenix Project, and a final year medical student at the University of Nottingham. The Phoenix Project brings together her love for our National Health Service and belief in providing adequate opportunity to displaced peoples to rebuild their lives. Playing a small part in aiding our incredible participants in re-entering the medical professions, and knowing how much they will bring to our health service, is why Molly loves being part of this project. Her academic interests centre around the health of women and people who were assigned female at birth, with a focus on hormone therapies, gender surgery, and gynae-oncology.

Mr Jonathan Bowley BMedSci (Hons)

Jonny is one of the Co-CEOs and founding trustees of The Phoenix Project. The intersection between refugee advocacy and promoting the interests of the NHS is an underappreciated opportunity and the work that he does with The Phoenix Project seeks to remedy that. Away from the charity, he is particularly interested in the transition of health research into practice and the design of health systems. He has aspirations to become a paediatrician and split his working life between clinical medicine, research into health system design and continuing to expand The Phoenix Project’s reach and impact.

Dr Rohan Bassi MBBS (Dist.) BMedSci (Hons)

Rohan is the Director of Operations and a Trustee for The Phoenix Project. A recent graduate from The University of Nottingham, he is now working as a junior doctor in the Oxford deanery. When the initial committee was set up, Rohan was at the forefront of developing our teaching programme. Using education to make a positive impact by helping doctors into the NHS is what he loves about The Phoenix Project. Away from the charity he is working towards a career in surgery and has a keen interest in medical education.  

Dr Nick Fahy DPhil CPsychol

Nick Fahy is a researcher and consultant in health policy and systems.  Nick’s work looks at how health systems work around the world; what we can learn between countries; and how to bring about innovation and change in healthcare. Particular achievements include acting as Specialist Advisor to the Health Committee of the House of Commons for their inquiry on Brexit and health, leading analysis on patient involvement in the medicines development process, and working with the World Health Organization to establish a Foresight process looking at the long-term future of health systems in Europe.

Nick has over twenty years of experience in health issues, including ten years in the Health and Consumers Directorate-General of the European Commission where he led work on cancer, rare diseases and cross-border care.  Before joining the Commission, Nick worked in the Department of Health in the UK, and was chief of staff to two ministers. As a senior researcher and research fellow at the University of Oxford, Nick led research on the social science of translation, as well as a new Green Templeton College initiative for the Future of Health and Care. As expert advisor to the European Observatory on health systems and policies, Nick led work on innovation and implementation. 

Ms Tabitha Ashley-Norman BSC (Hons)

Tabitha Ashley-Norman is the Director of Communications and a Trustee for The Phoenix Project. She is a fourth year medical student at the University of Leeds. Tabitha is committed to addressing challenges that the worldwide refugee community face. Her understanding was developed during her intercalated BSc in International Health, in which she studied the experiences of women in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. Her interests include Health Policy and Maternal and Child Health.