What we do

The Phoenix Project’s aim is to support displaced doctors and healthcare professionals in their journeys to qualifying for practice in the UK.

We do this by providing regular sessions and mentoring to our participants to help them prepare for exams and to familiarise themselves with the UK healthcare system.

Group sessions link our participants to others in their position, providing a motivational and supportive community.· 

As medical students who are also working towards qualification, we have an up-to-date and personal insight into medical training, allowing us to relay what we have been taught to our participants easily and clearly

There are 33 medical schools in the UK, with over 40,000 medical students between them. We believe this is a largely untapped resource and one that could be of huge benefit to the displaced medical community. We have developed a set-up strategy which takes advantage of the increased free time of students, their expertise in medical education, and the resources they have access to at university, which we hope will be used to set up branches across the UK.

Session structures are tailored to the participants, and mostly centre around practicing writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills in medical contexts. We also discuss aspects of the UK medical system. This allows participants to practice skills for their exams as well as gain valuable insight into the National Health Service.