Leeds Committee

Tabi Ashley-Norman
– TPP Leeds Co-founder and President

Hello! My name is Tabi and I’m the Co-founder of the Leeds
branch. I’m currently Intercalating in International Health after completing my
first 3 years of medicine. This year, I’ve developed a particular interest for
the health and social inequalities facing refugees, asylum seekers and other
displaced individuals. I believe that The Phoenix Project is one small but
essential piece in the jigsaw when it comes to reducing these inequalities, and
I’m so excited to begin working with health workers in and around Leeds.
Outside of medicine, I enjoy cycling and going on long walks in the Yorkshire

Hannah Gleeson- TPP Leeds Co-founder and Vice President

Hi! I’m Hannah, co-founder of the Leeds branch and fourth
year medical student at the University of Leeds. I got involved with The Phoenix
Project because I am passionate about equality and social justice, and
frustrated by the presence of structural barriers faced by migrants, refugees
and asylum seekers when attempting to work in the UK. Diversity is a huge part
of what makes the NHS so wonderful, so it is an absolute privilege to support
people in overcoming these hurdles in order to resume their careers and rebuild
their lives in another country. I am incredibly excited to meet and work with
more people and to see TPP expand even further in the future!

Ollie Nix –
Leeds Outreach Officer

Hey, my names Ollie and I am a 3rd year medic and the outreach officer for the TPP Leeds
branch. I got involved with The Phoenix Project because it has been frustrating
to see the country’s attitude towards displaced individuals deteriorate in such
a negative way over the past few years and I thought The Phoenix Project would
be best way to begin to make steps to support this community. I’ll be proud to
watch the team help people fulfil their potential and get their lives back to
the normality they deserve. Aside from medicine I am big into all sport, mainly
rugby, and beer gardens.


Rosie Solomon- Leeds Senior Teaching Coordinator

Hi, my name is Rosie and I’m part of the Leeds teaching team. I have taken a break from medicine and am currently intercalating in a Masters degree: MRes. I wanted to get involved with The Phoenix Project because I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to a medical career in the NHS. I love to teach and am excited to help as many people as possible to pass their exams! Outside of medicine and TPP, I love to dance, bake and spend time with my friends!


Eden Page- Leeds Senior Teaching Coordinator


Hi, my name is Eden and I am a third-year medical student at the University of Leeds. I decided that I wanted to get involved in The Phoenix Project because I am really passionate about teaching and I felt that working alongside displaced doctors, in order to help them to adjust to working in the UK, was a great way of promoting and supporting the essential role that foreign nationals have in the NHS. I love seeing the difference that our work makes to the asylum seekers lives and I am grateful to be part of a programme. Aside from TPP, I enjoy both painting and climbing, as well as wild camping trips with friends!